(Photo above is of my Grandfather John Prouty Pepper in the early 1920′s.)

Welcome to my family history and genealogy blog!

Thanks for stopping by! Grab a “cuppa” or glass of iced tea, and get ready to learn about Gran’s family history!

While I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of family research since 1977, it is ultimately my goal to share with my family what I have discovered. I want my children and grandchildren (aunts, uncles and cousins, too!) to know about their family history. I will not try to sugar coat our ancestry or shield you from the bad or the ugly. It is what it is and regardless of the past, we are their descendants. So sit back and relax and hopefully enjoy!

This blog is devoted to my ancestry so the focus will be on my four grandparents and their family history! Grandpa Rust’s ancestors will be featured on another blog which will make each of our sites more manageable!

In the header above you will find genealogies dedicated to some of my main ancestral surnames, such as: BISHOP, HAMILTON/PEPPER, SALMON/SAMMON, ROORK, JACKSON, BOYER, DOUGHERTY/DAUGHERTY, and DAVIS.

Those pages are where I will provide the genealogy of each of our earliest American immigrant ancestors down to my grandparents.

As the eldest child of my generation I was blessed to have known and spent time with all four of my grandparents. Thank-you Grandma and Grandpa Pepper and Grandma and Grandpa Roork for all you did for me! I think of you often! XXXXOOOO

Aunts, uncles and cousins, do not despair! :) It is also my intent to share with my extended family our common ancestry. In these pages you will find fascinating stories and information about our direct and sometimes indirect ancestral family tree.

Get started by clicking on the links above to read about your ancestors. Our DIRECT ancestors’ surnames are CAPITALIZED and in BOLD.

It will take me a while to get everything uploaded but do check back often for updates. Better yet, please subscribe to the page so you will receive blog updates and posts via email. It is in the BLOG that I’ll be sharing my research process and other interesting information about our family’s past…THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY!

If you’d like to read the blog posts in chronological order, first go to the “Read BLOG here!” and scroll to the bottom of the page to read in order from the bottom to the top.

I will be adding a lot of information and photos to this blog over the coming weeks, months, and years!

I welcome any feedback on errors you may find and I will try to correct them ASAP!

In order to get access to everything the blog has to offer you must make a trip to the site occasionally at  www.gransfamilyhistory.com.

Remember this is a work in progress so please be patient!

Don’t forget to leave a reply below and do invite other family members to join!

And again, thanks for stopping by! :)

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust, in Northern California

29 Responses to Home

  1. Clifford says:

    Ok.. Nice… will be fun to follow

  2. Pat Carroll says:

    Look forward to the history

  3. Dottie(Pepper) Roberts says:

    who does the beautiful baby belong to? Thanks for your efforts and generosity. d

  4. Nancy and Pete Grant says:

    Looking forward to following along! I would really like to learn to do a blog like this. Nancy
    P.S. We leave for Scotland tomorrow!!!

  5. Evelyn Roork Pepper says:

    Teresa, this is wonderful!! I am sure I will find out info about my family that I do not know, Mom

  6. betty says:

    Wow! You are so amazing. I love your layout and the header is so wonderful. What a great time we had in England and Scotland. Thank you for sharing your family history with me.

  7. helga pepper says:

    very nice, Teresa.

  8. What a wonderful job you are doing for all the families. I am very proud of you, however, you know that, Love Mom

  9. M Harvey says:

    Hi I am interested in Pepper family history are your Peppers from wexford Ireland any information apprecaited

    • Hi, Harvey, as it turns out our Peppers are really Hamiltons as the result of DNA testing. My maiden name is Pepper but through DNA we discovered that we do not relate to any other Peppers but rather to the Hamilton family in Massachusetts. Our adoptive Pepper family are descendants from Robert Pepper of Roxbury, MA and was an English Puritan. Do contact the people at the Pepper DNA Project and they can tell you more about the Irish line! http://www.familytreedna.com/public/pepper

  10. M harvey says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for your reply I will contact this link .

    I enjoyed reading your family history ,well done to all !

    Regards Harvey

  11. Marie Roork Kohler says:

    I just found this today and intend to be back. You’ve done a fantastic job with this blog and I do intend to share it with my very large family! We should be able to help one another.

  12. Lisa says:

    Hello Teresa,
    I found some great info on the Peppers that are related to William Roy Judd and Nellie Hazel Adams our great grandparents. It appears we are related through your John Prouty Pepper and Samuel Adams lines. I haven’t done the dna on these lines yet but plan to this coming year.
    Lisa Judd

    • Hi, I have already submitted my grandfather’s Pepper DNA and it proved to be actually Hamilton DNA rather than Pepper DNA. :) The English Pepper’s are actually Scottish Hamiltons!

      • Lisa says:

        I’m so glad I found your information before getting to that brickwall! Saves me a alot of research time. You’ve done a great job with this sight. Thanks very much. I’ll pass this information on to those that started our Judd line research.

  13. Adam Christopher Pepper says:

    Great work Teresa! I’ve added both of the pages to my bookmarks so I can follow them. Interesting history, must have taken a while to track it all down. I guess we’ve moved close to “home” as we are living in South Carolina now (Winnie, Sofia, Noah and I). I’m curious if you have locations or addresses of the Hamilton/Pepper properties in Mass. I’m close enough to visit if they still exist. I was also told by grandpa (Duane Pepper) that we have family out here, I think in West Virginia…. would love to meet/visit them as well although I don’t have any of their information. Winnie has been putting most of the pictures, etc of our family on her facebook page. I will have to transfer all of the data over to mine so the family can view them. Again, great work and I’ll be watching =]

  14. Judy Clark says:

    Adam, indeed you do have family out east and just to the north of you a bit, and I would love for you & family to come for a visit…email me at mtnfarmjc@wvva.net and let me know where you have thrown your hat at present.

    Great Aunt Judy
    West Virginia

  15. Islemon@Maine.rr.com says:

    Teresa. Send me an email address please. I will forward response from FTDNA. Islemon@Maine.rr.com

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