Mary J. Birley (1833 – after 22 Apr 1910)

Updated/Edited: 23 March 2016

First Known Generation

  1. MARY J. BIRLEY, was born in Indiana before 22 April 1833 and died in Missouri after 22 April 1910. She married in Owens County, Indiana, in 1853, THOMAS JEFFERSON DOWDEN.

Birth in Indiana
22 April – US Census – District 0141, Pleasant Valley, Wright County, Missouri, Head of Household with her son James A. Dowden

Children of Thomas Jefferson and Mary J. (Birley) Dowden:
i.   JAMES ALBERT DOWDEN, b. Nov. 1856 in Owens County, Indiana
ii. KING SOLOMON DOWDEN, b. before 22 April 1874 in Indiana; m. ELIZABETH A. (_____)