John Prouty Pepper (1908-2008) Gran’s Grandfather

Published: 11 Aug 2014
Updated/Edited: 10 April 2016
Surnames: Hamilton/Pepper, Strickland, Jackson, Bishop, Dearth, Magoon

SEE: John Prouty Pepper (1908-2008), Ancestral Surnames for a complete list of his ancestral surnames.

Paternal Hamilton/Pepper Ancestry by Generations: Very helpful for anyone who has George Warriner Pepper and Delia Bridget Jackson as their grandparents or great grandparents and so on.

This is the ancestry of my Grandfather John Prouty Pepper, beginning with Robert Pepper of Roxbury, Massachusetts, with whom we do not have a DNA match.

John Prouty Pepper, is Daniel Dano, Aidan, Lillian, Callen, Lief and Wyatt’s great-great-grandfather.

Okay, here is the tricky part about this Pepper family…our Pepper surname is an adopted name. Our biological surname is Hamilton and we are descendants of John Hamilton born about 1634 in Scotland and died in Concord, Massachusetts in 1680. Somewhere about four to six generations back from my Grandpa John is where the Hamilton line intersects with our Pepper family. We have not yet been able to identify where the intersection takes place. So I will show here what our line looks like back to Robert Pepper of Roxbury, Massachusetts with our semi-complete paper trail, not a solid paper trail though. I will try to show where the line has been confirmed with the use of DNA studies, such as the Y-DNA tests using my grandpa’s DNA and the autosomal test using my dad’s DNA and his first cousin Gary Pepper.

Here is what we thought our ancestry looked like, based on the paper trail, beginning with Robert Pepper of Roxbury, Massachusetts:

First Generation in the New World

1. ROBERT PEPPER, was born in England and died at Roxbury, Massachusetts on 7 July 1683/4. He married at Roxbury on 14 March 1642, ELIZABETH JOHNSON.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Johnson) Pepper:
2.     i. ELIZABETH PEPPER, bap. 3 March 1643/4; d. at Roxbury on 8 March 1643/4
2.    ii. ELIZABETH PEPPER, b. 25 May 1645; m. at Dedham 13 May 1662, Capt. JOHN EVERETT.
2.   iii. JOHN PEPPER, b. on 8 Apr 1647; bap. on 11 Apr 1647
2.   iv. JOSEPH PEPPER, b. 1648, bap. 18 March 1648/9; d. young
2.    v. JOSEPH PEPPER, b. on 8 March 1649/50
2.   vi. MARY PEPPER, bap. 27 April 1651; m. at Dedham on 28 Oct 1669, SAMUEL EVERETT.
2.  vii. BENJAMIN PEPPER, bap. on 15 May 1653; bur. at Roxbury on 16 Nov. 1669
2. viii. ROBERT PEPPER, bap. on 29 May 1655/6; Taken by Indians at Northfield, 4 Sep. 1675; d. 1676.
2.    ix. SARAH PEPPER, b. 28 April 1657; d. 1698; m. at Boston, JOHN MASON.
2.     x. ISAAC PEPPER, b. 26 Apr 1659; bap. 1 May 1659
2.  xi. JACOB PEPPER+, b. on 28 Jul 1661; bap. 4 Aug. (ref. Pioneers of America by Pope)

Second Generation

2. xi. JACOB² PEPPER, (Robert¹), was born at Roxbury on 28 Jul 1661 and baptized at Boston on 4 Aug. 1661. He died at Framingham before 19 Nov. 1734. He married at Roxbury or Boston on 10 Feb 1684/5, ELIZABETH PAINE.

Children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Paine) Pepper:
3.    i. ROBERT PEPPER, b. 27 Dec 1685 and d. 4 Jan 1685/6
3.   ii. ROBERT PEPPER, b. 16 March 1686/7
3.  iii. ELIZABETH PEPPER, b. about 1689?; m. THOMAS GROSVENOR.
3.   iv. HANNAH PEPPER, b. abt. 1691; m. Mr. WHITE.
3.    v. JACOB PEPPER, Jr., b. 1693
3.   vi. JOSEPH PEPPER+, b 1696
3.  vii. JOHN PEPPER, b. 1698
3. viii. REBECCA PEPPER, b. 11 June 1702
3.   ix. ANNA PEPPER, b. 1 April 1705
3.    x. MARY PEPPER, b. 16 Nov 1707
3.   xi. STEPHEN PEPPER, b. c 1710, m. at Boston
3.  xii. BENJAMIN PEPPER, d. 1713

Third Generation

3. vi. JOSEPH PEPPER, (Jacob², Robert¹) was born at Roxbury in 1696. He married on 15 Dec 1720, ANNA YOUNGMAN.

Notes: Joseph was a farmer and a weaver. Joseph Pepper removed to Dudley, Massachusetts between 1726 and 1730.
Town Records of Dudley, Mass.:
Page 8 – 29 June 1732, voted that Joseph Pepper be the man to read the Psalms. A town meeting to be held at Joseph Pepper’s on the 11th day of Sept. at 12 of the clock.
Page 9 – A meeting was held at Joseph Pepper’s.
Page 19 – Dudley, March ye 20th Anewell Town meeting. 8 voted that Joseph Pepper and James Corwin be surveyors of fence for the year ensuing.
Page 28 – 16 Nov 1733 voted and chose Mr. Joseph Pepper as one of a committee to provide preaching.
Page 29 – Joseph Pepper was chosen Moderator for meeting.
Page 33 – That whereas Joseph Pepper was chose March 6, 1734 Constable for the East ward the town thought proper and reconsidered that vote and voted James Corwin Junior to serve as Constable.
Page 40 – Dated Dec. 14, 1734 Worcester SS This is to notify and require the several inhabitants of the town of Dudley to meet at the dwelling house of Joseph Pepper’s in said town on Monday ye 23 of December instant at 10 o clock in the morning.
Page 41 – Feb. 4 1734 another meeting held at Joseph Pepper’s.
Page 44 – March 13, 1735 Joseph Pepper still having town meetings at his house.
Page 54- Joseph Pepper still in Dudley, March 1736
Page 64 – March 1738 Joseph Pepper still in Dudley, the last recorded there.
Pepper Genealogy, page 24:
Oct 8 1730, Joseph Pepper buys land in Oxford, Mass., but no record of his ever living there.
Sept. 26, 1733, Joseph Pepper sells land in Kekamauquagh and Indian toen which now is part of Oxford.
Aug. 1, 1736, Joseph Pepper deeds land to James Corbin [Corwin] of Dudley.
June 13, 1740, Joseph Pepper sells land in Dudley and the same day buys land in Brookfield, Mass. (ref. Reg. of deeds Worcester Co., Mass.)

Children of Joseph and Anna (Youngman) Pepper:
4.  i. JOSEPH PEPPER, Jr.+, b. at Roxbury on 28 Aug 1721 [age 18 on 13 June 1740]
4.  ii. ROBERT PEPPER, b. at Roxbury on 26 Sep 1723
4. iii. ANNA PEPPER, b. at Roxbury on 29 Jul 1726
4.  iv. ELIZABETH PEPPER, b. at Dudley on 7 Sep 1730
4.   v. JACOB PEPPER, b. at Dudley on 7 Apr 1733; bap. 8 Apr 1733
4.  vi. REBECCA PEPPER, b. at Dudley on 11 Aug 1736

Fourth Generation

4. i.  JOSEPH PEPPER, Jr., (Joseph³, Jacob², Robert¹)  was born at Roxbury on 28 Aug 1721. He married at Brookfield on 16 Jan 1745, DINAH CUMMINGS.

Children of Joseph and Dinah (Cummings) Pepper:
5.    i. ELIZABETH PEPPER, b. at Brookfield on 2 Nov 1745
5.   ii. SARAH PEPPER, bap. at Hardwick on 1 May 1748
5. iii. JOSEPH PEPPER+, bap. at Hardwick on 24 June 1753

Fifth Generation

5. iii. JOSEPH PEPPER, 3rd,(JosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹) baptized at Hardwick on 24 June 1753. He married at Brookfield, on 24 June 1775, PERSIS BARTLETT.

Children of Joseph and Persis (Bartlett) Pepper:
6.   i. ACHSAH PEPPER, bap. 17 Aug 1777
6. ii. THOMAS PEPPER+, bap. 9 July 1780
6. iii. ESTHER PEPPER, bap. 9 July 1780
6.  iv. PERSIS PEPPER, bap. 22 April 1781

Sixth Generation

6. ii. THOMAS PEPPER, (JosephJosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹) was baptized on 9 July 1780 and died at Palmer, Hampden County, Massachusetts on 27 Apr 1854. He married in Ware, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 30 Apr 1800, LUCRETIA B. MAGOON.

Biographical Notes:
Thomas and Lucretia are identified as Porter Pepper’s parents on Porter’s death record. We do not have a BIRTH record for Thomas but we do have a BAPTISM record for Thomas being the son of Joseph and Persis (Bartlett) Pepper. Through Y-DNA testing we know that between the 4th – 6th generation back from my grandfather John Prouty Pepper there is a male Hamilton biological father. We do not know anything yet about the circumstances of this non-parental event (NPE).

Children of Thomas and Lucretia B. (Magoon) Pepper:
7.    i. SARAH ELIZABETH “BETSEY” PEPPER, b. at Ware in 1802
7.  ii. FOSTER PEPPER*, b. at Brimfield, Massachusetts in July 1806; d. 1866
7. iii. JOSEPH PEPPER, b. at Palmer in 1810
7.  iv.
PORTER PEPPER*+, b. c1811
7.   v. STEPHEN PEPPER, b. in 1816

*= Thomas and Lucretia are listed as their parents on their death certificates.

Seventh Generation

7. iv. PORTER PEPPER, (ThomasJosephJosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹), was born in

Biographical Notes:
We have not been able to find a BIRTH record for Porter. His estimated birthdate is from calculating back at his age at death. The death record also gives his parents as Thomas and Lucretia Pepper.

Children of Porter and Persis Elvira (Dearth) Pepper:
8. i. JOHN PROUTY PEPPER+, born at Brimfield, Hampden County, MA on 12 Dec 1833.

Eighth Generation
(Proven by DNA)

8. i. JOHN PROUTY³ PEPPER, (PorterThomasJosephJosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹) was born at Brimfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts on 12 Dec 1833 and died in Rydal, Republic County, Kansas on 27 Sep 1904 of “Tumor of the Stomach”. He is buried at Belleville, Republic County, Kansas. He married, in Brimfield, JANETTE STRICKLAND.

Biographical Notes:
Timeline for John Prouty Pepper.
A Biographical Sketch of John Prouty Pepper (1833-1904).

Children of John Prouty and Janette (Strickland) Pepper:
9. i. WILLIAM HENRY PEPPER, born at Brimfield on April 1861

Ninth Generation
(Proven by DNA)

9. GEORGE WARRENER PEPPER, (JohnPorter, Thomas, JosephJosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹), was born in Steward, Lee County, Illinois on 11 April 1872 and died at Beaver Township, Lincoln County, Kansas on 29 April 1930 of “High Blood Pressure leading to a Cerebral Apoplexy”. He married in Belleville, Republic County, Kansas, on 22 Aug 1896, DELIA BRIDGET JACKSON.

Belleville and Cuba in Republic County, Kansas

Belleville and Cuba in Republic County, Kansas

Children of George Warrener and Delia Bridget (Jackson) Pepper:
10.    i. FRED CLARKSON PEPPER, b. at Cuba on 26 June 1897; d. Salina, Saline, Kansas on 22 Nov 1945 of a “Bleeding Ulcer”; bur. at Barnard. He married, in 1919, MABLE ETHEL PECKHAM.
10.   ii. ELSIE NORA PEPPER, b. at Cuba on 21 Jan 1899; d. at Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas on 25 Nov 2004. She married, on 20 Oct 1920, JOHN ALFRED WALLACE.
10.    v. JOHN PROUTY PEPPER+, b. near Barnard in 1908
10.  iii. ALVEY PEPPER,
10.    v. HARRY PEPPER,
10.  vii. JOHN PROUTY PEPPER, b. near Barnard on 24 Jan 1908;
10. viii. GEORGE WASHINGTON PEPPER, b. at Barnard on 22 Feb 1910; d. at Clinton, Washington on 29 Oct 1981; buried at Whidbey Island, Washington. He married on 24 Dec 1931, OLIVE EMILY HEMMINGER.

Tenth Generation
(Hamilton, proven by Y-DNA)

10. vii. JOHN PROUTY HAMILTON/PEPPERY-DNA(George W.John P.PorterThomasJosephJosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹), was born in the Sunnyside Neighborhood near the farming hamlet of Barnard, Lincoln County, Kansas on 24 January 1908 and died in Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas on 2008. He married, first, in Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas on 5 March 1930,  REITA GERALDINE BISHOP. He married, second, at 357 Pattie Avenue, Wichita, Kansas on 16 September 1956, LEONA COVERDELL, of Wichita, Kansas, by Reverend W. E. McCoy.

Biographical Notes:
He was the fifth child and third son to join the family. He was named after his grandfather, John Prouty Pepper, 1832-1904.
SEE: Timeline

Children of John Prouty and Reita Geraldine (Bishop) Pepper:
11. i.   JOHN WESLEY KEITH “WES” PEPPER, b. 18 May 1932; d. 12 Sep 2014
11. ii.  Son Living
11. iii. Son Living
11. iv. Daughter Living
11. v.  Son Living
11. vi. Daughter Living

John Prouty Pepper, Early 1920's, Grandpa told me this was of him in his first pair of long pants. He must have worn knickers before this photo!

John Prouty Pepper in the early 1920’s, Grandpa told me these were is first long pants. He must have been wearing knickers.

Eleventh Generation
(Hamilton, proven by Y-DNA)

11. JOHN WESLEY KEITH HAMILTON/PEPPER, (John P., George W.John P.PorterThomas,
Joseph, JosephJoseph³, Jacob², Robert¹), was born in Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas on 18 May 1932 and died in Redding, Shasta County, California on 12 September 2014, at the age of 82. He married in Dexter, New Mexico on 19 March 1955, EVELYN JOYE ROORK.

Biographical Notes:
Wes graduated in 1950 from Barnard High School in Barnard, Lincoln County, Kansas.

Wes Pepper in the US Air Force

Wes Pepper in the US Air Force

Biographical Notes:

Children of John Wesley Keith and Evelyn Joye (Roork) Pepper:
12. i.   Living Daughter
12. ii.  Living Son
12. iii. Living Daughter

We have birth and death registers from 1879 but the individual documents are not at City Hall.  The office of Vital Statistics in Topeka is the central respository for these types of documents….since 1911, I believe.  Here is a link to their website:  Hope this helps. 

We will check our registers as time permits to see if we have any of your family members listed.

Rose M Gourley
City Clerk
City of Lincoln Center
P O Box 126
Lincoln, KS  67455-0126
(785) 524-4280 (phone)
(785) 524-3408 (fax)

From: Teresa R. []
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 10:20 AM
Subject: Need Copies of Vital Records
My family came from Lincoln County, Kansas. I am applying to the DAR and I need documents of births, marriages, and deaths. I have the following family members that were born, married or died in Lincoln:

John Prouty Pepper: Born Jan 24 1908 in Lincoln County (page BB/26) and Married Mar 5 1930 in Lincoln to Rita Bishop.
Rita (Reita) Geraldine Bishop Born Jan 3 1912 in Lincoln, dau. of Wm. Franklin Bishop and Hattie May Boyer. (page A/6)
George Warriner Pepper Died Apr 29, 1930 in Lincoln County (page A/67)
Delia Bridget (Jackson) Pepper Died Jan 6 1972 (page B/39)

Can I get copies of their vital records?
Teresa (Pepper) Rust

Hello Teresa,
Thank you for contacting the Kansas State Historical Society.  Unfortunately, we do not have birth certificates for Cloud County, Kansas.  We do have 1877 Cloud County newspapers in our collection so we could try and look for a birth announcement there.  We do charge a $25 reference fee for research time, payable in advance.   There’s no guarantee that we’ll find what you are looking for but we still must charge the fee.

There’s also the option of borrowing the microfilmed newspaper through our interlibrary loan department.  There is no charge for this service from our library.  To learn more about interlibrary loan, please click on the following link:

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.
Thank you,  Teresa Coble
Teresa Coble, Reference
Kansas Historical Society
State Archives & Library
6425 SW 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66615-1099
1-785-272-8681 ext 287

Teresa R. wrote:
I am looking for a record of my Great-Grandmother’s BIRTH certificate.
Her name is: Delia Bridget Jackson
She was born on March 18, 1877, just east of Simpson, Cloud County, Kansas. Her birth location may have been called Solomon Township at the time.
Her parent’s are: Hezikiah Jackson and Sarah (Collins) Jackson.
Any advice is appreciated.
Teresa Rust

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