John Prouty Hamilton/Pepper (1908-2008) PEDIGREE CHART

Updated/Edited: 10 April 2016
Pedigree Chart John Prouty Pepper (1908-2008)

Grandpa's Ancestors

Grandpa’s Ancestors


4 Responses to John Prouty Hamilton/Pepper (1908-2008) PEDIGREE CHART

  1. Dottie Pepper Roberts says:

    I believe Unk is buried in Milo Cemetary beside his parents. Thanks for your efforts and what a beautiful baby! Blessings, Dottie

  2. Adam Christopher Pepper says:

    Amazing work! If i read correctly, the family is of Scottish descent? It would be great to see a family tree with all the branches, etc as all the names listed, etc was taxing to remember, put together in my head…. I guess I’m just a visual person.

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