Frederick William Paget – Timeline

Updated/Edited: 5 April 2016


15 July – Born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England

(In 1874, the Direct United States Cable Company landed at Tor Bay, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Known as the Faraday Station, and only thirty miles or so from Canso, it operated until 1887. Many of the operators from Tor Bay ended up working for both Western Union and Commercial Cable.) From: The Cable Story in Canso

The Western Union Company located a cable station in the town of Canso in 1881.

Arrived in Tor Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada in c1883?

In 1884, the newly created Commercial Cable Company established its relay station for transatlantic traffic in Hazel Hill, just two miles outside Canso.

Worked for the Direct United States Cable Company (1873-1887) in Tor Bay, before moving to Hazel Hill to work for the Commercial Cable Company. The Direct United States Cable Company came under the control of Anglo American in 1877, though it continued to operate under its own name.

1 Dec  (age 27) – Married in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada, Eliza Maude White.

18 Oct (age 29) – Birth of son, Alfred George Paget, in Canso, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

2 Sep (age 40) – Birth of son, Frederick Hilton Paget, in Nova Scotia.

9 May (age 51) – Died in Hazel Hill, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Frederick William Paget, (1958-1910) c1885

Frederick William Paget, (1958-1910) c1885