Alfred George Paget (1887-1927) Papa’s Grandfather

Published: 13 Jan 2015
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Paget Surname Origins

This is what I have learned about Papa Rust’s grandfather, Alfred George Paget, beginning with his 3rd Great Grandfather, John George Paget, in Leeds, Yorkshire, England:

(Alfred George Paget is Aidan, Ashley and Haley’s 2nd great grandfather and John George Paget is their 5th great-grandfather.)

Earliest Known Generation in England

1. JOHN GEORGE¹ PAGET, was born in Yorkshire, England about 1796 (he was 45 on the 1841 census). John probably died before the 1851 Wortley Census as he is not listed with the family. He married at Leeds, Yorkshire, England on 22 Aug 1818, JOHANAH WILSHIRE. The Johanah spelling is taken from her signature on her marriage certificate.

Children of John George and Johanah (Wilshire) Paget:
2.   i. JOHN GEORGE² PAGET, born at Leeds on 25 Jan 1821
2.  ii. FREDERICK² PAGET, born about 1825; died 1881
2. iii. GEORGIANA² PAGET, born 1827; died 1861
2. iv. HANNAH² PAGET, born about 1829

John George and Johanna Paget were living on the “Chapeltown Road” during the 1841 Census. Note that Georgiana is not in the census…is she away from home as a 14 year old servant in another household??


From Wikipedia:
A map made of Leeds in 1834 shows the area that is now Chapeltown was pasture land between Chapel Allerton and Potternewton villages and Leeds. Through the centre of this farmland, which was already earmarked at this time as a planned ‘New Town of Leeds’ suburb, ran the Leeds-Harrogate Turnpike Road which later became Chapeltown Road. Much of this land, called ‘Squire’s Pastures’ was part of Earl Cowper’s estate.

The 1851 census finds the Paget family: Joanna, John George, Frederic, and Georgiana. Missing is John George Paget Sr. and Hannah. Elizabeth (Axellson) Paget was born in Hull.
Wortley census index 1851:

Surname Name Age Birth Place Film Folio
Pa(d)get Ann 26 Doncaster 2314 359
Pa(d)get Elizabeth 27 Hull 2314 266
Pa(d)get Frederic 26 Leeds 2314 359
Pa(d)get Georgiana 24 Leeds 2314 266
Pa(d)get Joanna 60 SOM 2314 266
Pa(d)get John George 30 Leeds 2314 266

Above we see mother Joanna Paget age 60, born 1791, in Somerset; her oldest son John George Paget age 30, born 1821, at Leeds with his wife Elizabeth (Axellson) Paget born at Hull about 1824; then Frederic Paget age 26, born about 1825 at Leeds (could Ann be his wife?); then Georgiana age 24, born about 1827 at Leeds. Hannah at age 22 must be married and in another household?

Second Generation in England

2. JOHN GEORGE² PAGET (John¹) born at Leeds, Yorkshire (now West Riding Yorkshire), England, on 25 Jan 1821; died at Leeds on 29 Nov 1872; he married, first, before 1851, ELIZABETH AXELLSON; he married, second, at Leeds, Yorkshire, England, in 1856, ELIZABETH WRIGHT. John’s occupation in 1841 was a Press Setter.

Marriage Record from Leeds

Marriage of John George Paget and Elizabeth Axellson, ordered from the GRO on 27 Feb 2013.


Child of John George and Elizabeth (Axellson) Paget:
3. i. GEORGIANA³ PAGET, born at Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1853.

Children of John George and Elizabeth (Wright) Paget:
3.   i. JOHN³ PAGET, born at Leeds in 1857; died in 1902.
3.  ii. FREDERICK WILLIAM³ PAGET+, b. at Leeds, England, on 15 Jul 1858.
3. iii. AMELIA PAGET, born at Leeds in 1862
3. iv. ARTHUR PAGET, born at Leeds in 1868
3.  v. HARRY PAGET, born at Leeds in 1870

Third Generation in England

3. ii. FREDERICK WILLIAM³ PAGET, (John George², John George¹), was born at Leeds, Yorkshire, England on 15 Jul 1858 and he died at Hazel Hill, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada on 9 May 1910. He is buried at the Anglican Cemetery at Canso. He married in Guysborough County, Canada on 1 Dec 1885, ELIZA MAUDE WHITE, she was born at Canso on 11 April 1867 and died in San Francisco on 15 Feb 1943. She is buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Colma, California. (Still to be confirmed.)

From RootsWeb, Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS):
County: Guysboro
Method: license
Groom name: Fredrick William Paget
Groom age: 27
Groom condition: B
G Profession: Telegraphist
G Residence: Canso
G Birthplace: Leeds, Eng.
G Father: John Paget
G Mother: Elizabeth
G Parents’ Prof.: Clerk
Bride Name: Eliza Maude White
Bride Age: 18
Bride Condition: S
B Residence: Canso
B Birthplace: Sherbrooke, N.S.
B Father: Alfred White
B Mother: Elizabeth
B Parents’ Prof.: Manager Lobster Factory
Witnesses: Frank G. Bernstall, Sophey A. Creed
Officiating Minister: F. A. Buckley
Denomination: Methodist
Notes: license issued 30 Nov 1885

Frederick William Paget and Eliza Maude White, Wedding Photo

Frederick William Paget and Eliza Maude White, Wedding Photo in 1885

England, Leeds

1866 Leeds, when Frederick William Paget was living there at 8 years old

The Commercial Cable Company where Frederick William Paget worked in Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia:

Commercial Cable Company – Telegraph Office Hazel Hill, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2003

“Death of F. W. Paget” from the Canso News, Canso, Nova Scotia, 10 May 1910:

“The death of F. W. Paget took place at his residence, Hazel Hill, on the 10th instant, after a lingering illness. Indifferent health for some years past compelled him a year ago to resign his position with the Commercial Cable Co., of whose staff he was one of the original members, coming to the “Hill” from Tor Bay, where he was with the Direct U. S. Cable Co. after coming to this country.

The Cable Story in Canso

Children of Frederick William and Eliza Maude (White) Paget:
4.  i.  FLORENCE ELIZABETH PAGET, b. at Canso on 18 Nov 1886; d. 26 May 1979; m. ARTHUR PERRY.
4. ii. ALFRED GEORGE4 PAGET, born in Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada, 18 Oct 1887; d. 5 Sep 1927; m. NELLIE OLIVE BOOTHBY.
4. iii. GERTRUDE WHITE PAGET, b. at Canso on 23 July 1891; d. at McCloud, California in May 1941; never married. Worked as a nurse at the old McCloud Lumber Company hospital from 1921 to 1941.
4. iv. EDITH COURTNEY PAGET, b. at Canso on 13 Aug 1894; d. Oct 1958; m. CLARENCE DOUGLAS “DOUG” TRUMAN.
4. v.  FREDERICK HILTON “Uncle Hick” PAGET, b. at Canso on 2 Sep 1898; d. in Trinity, California on 16 Sep 1949; bur. at the Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum in Sacramento, Plot: Section E, Lot 91, Gr 2. See: Find A Grave; married, first, GLADYS (_____); married, second, MURIEL (_____).
4. vi. ROSS ALMERIC PAGET, b. at Canso on 29 Dec 1903; d. in New York on 15 Nov 1970; m. LILLIAN ANDERSON.

Fourth Generation
(First born in Canada)

4. ALFRED GEORGE4 PAGET, (Frederick William³, John George², John George¹), was born at Canso, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 18 Oct 1887. He was baptized at Canso on 9 Sep 1888 by Edward Ansell, Incumbent, of St. John’s Parish located in Arichat, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He died at San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA, on 5 Sept 1927 of colon cancer. He married NELLIE OLIVE BOOTHBY at Agana, Guam, Mariana Islands, on 17 Jan 1922.

The Rev. Edward Ansell was born in England in 1829 and died in Arichat, Nova Scotia on 13 Jun 1905. He is buried at St. John’s Anglican church at Arichat, Richmond, NS.

Baptism of Alfred George Paget in Arichat, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Baptism of Alfred George Paget in Arichat, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, Cape Breton, NS

St. John’s Anglican Church, Arichat, Cape Breton, NS

“Alfred became a cable operator and went to Hawaii, then spent three years on Midway Island, which was a trans-Pacific cable station at that time. Later it became a refueling station for Pan-American Air, the a naval base, and of course played a large part in World War II (Battle of Midway, turning point of the war in the Pacific) it’s now a protected wildlife area, called Midway Atoll.” “Unfortunately Alfred died of colon cancer in 1927 after coming to California for treatment.”~ Nan Paget, 18 July 2012

The buildings of the Commercial Pacific Cable Company date back to 1903 (2008). By Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0,

The buildings of the Commercial Pacific Cable Company date back to 1903 (2008) on Midway Island.
By Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0,

More information about the: Commercial Pacific Cable Company

Agana, Guam before World War II

Agana, Guam before World War II – Alfred and Nellie were there in 1921 and 1922

Children of Alfred George and Nellie Olive (Boothby) Paget:
5. i.  Living
5. ii. Living

Paget Coat of Arms given to Fred Paget (Fredrick William Paget) by his Paget cousin's widow in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Paget Coat of Arms given to Fred Paget (Fredrick William Paget) by his Paget cousin’s widow in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.


Chronology of the Commercial Cable Company in Canso and Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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