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I love history! I am one of those people, you know, the ones who want to pull over at every historical marker while on a road trip. 😉 I had to grin while writing that because of the many times I had my husband back the car up because he went flying past a marker! He eventually learned.

I nearly drove my kids crazy when we vacationed in England for three weeks in the summer of 2006. Everyday as we were driving I was yelling at them to “quick, look out the window” and see that Norman church or that Roman aqueduct, or that beautiful manor house, etc., etc. They would look and then roll their eyes, and say, “Mommmmm!”

My love of history is a big reason why I love genealogy, family history research and traveling. I don’t just want to collect facts about my ancestors, I also want to know their histories, their hardships and triumphs and failures. None of them were saints, they were real flesh and blood people with hopes and desires for the future. There were some “bad” characters and there were some “good” ones who tried to make a positive impact. I think most were pretty common, honest and hard-working. We have a few ancestral royals in our line and we have a cousin-connection to the current royal family, but most of our “people” were of the ordinary type that persevered through immigration, exile, economic and physical hardships, some more graceful than others, but they have all left their impact on the world through their descendants today.

The world is a big, wonderful place, full of amazing people, places and cultures and this blog is my attempt to share some of our family’s contribution to it!

My name is Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust.  I’ve been married to Brad Rust for over 40 years and we have four children ages 19 to 29, two lads and two lasses. I am also the proud “gran” to our first grandchild, Aidan Bradly.

I have spent nearly 38 years, off and on, researching my family history.  My ancestry is primarily Scottish, Irish, and English, with some German and a small amount of Swiss and French thrown in! A typical American ancestry!

Besides my family…my other interests include: reading, writing, history, knitting and traveling. My favorite places in the world are Scotland, England and Ireland. My favorite literature is British especially of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Below is a photo of myself with my four children in the summer of 2006 when we house-swapped with a family in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. This photo was taken on the estate of Burghley House, near Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.

Top: Ethan and Nate. Bottom: Rachel, Teresa and Abbie

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  1. Mark says:

    Great family story. Best of luck in your continued research and findings!

  2. Bob R. Harrison says:

    Dear Teresa: I ran across your wonderful site while helping a new young friend from up-state NY with the surname of Pepper. I knew I had run across the name Pepper before, but decided to enter it into my Ancestry DNA database. It seems I have about 50 Pepper surname cousin matches.

    I read your DNA blog and I seem to have a connection with both the New England Peppers through the Robert Pepper line (same as my new young friend), as well as the Virginia, North Carolina lines. I shouldn’t be surprised as my Harrison family is well represented in Colonial Massachusetts, NY, Delaware, Virginia, NC and SC, Kentucky and so on. Also, my mothers side of the family was Hamilton.

    I am writing to say thank you for your work and also to see if I could pursue further with you how my own family has become connected with the Pepper/Hamilton line in NY of which you seem to be part.

    I have encouraged my young friend, Jana Pepper, to have her father of brother take a DNA test and join your DNA project. As for myself, I have taken the Ancestry DNA test and I represent my sister who has taken the 23andMe test.

    Look forward to sharing thoughts with you. My New England connections are mainly through Isaiah Harrison and Abigail Smith Harrison (Long Island, NY, to Delaware, to Harrisonburg, Rockingham, VA and points south and west). Brewsters, Smiths (Smithtown, L.I.) Richard Harrison into Massachusetts.

    Thank you again.

    Bob Harrison
    Brush Prairie, WA.

    • Teresa Rust says:

      Through my father’s Y-DNA we do not match any Peppers in the project…we actually have the DNA of a Scottish Hamilton. We were apparently adopted by a Pepper family over 200 years ago!

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