Big Changes Going on at Gran’s Family HIstory

A few years ago I was very ambitious and I started several blogs/websites to share my family history/genealogy research. Due to unforeseen circumstances (my parents’ health) I have not been able to keep up with the sites or to edit them as needed.

I had created a site for MY ancestry and a site for my HUSBAND’s ancestry. Yesterday I decided to bring those both together under my Gran’s Family History site. It is now “Gran’s and Grandpa’s Family History.”

This will make it easier for me to maintain and add to the site and it will make it easier for my four children to find their ancestry, now that it is all in one place!

There is ONE link, to click on in the header, to pull up all of my history which includes the PEPPER, BISHOP, ROORK and SAMMON surnames, and one link for my husband’s history which includes the RUST, BOETTNER, PAGET, and BOOTHBY surnames.

I still have a lot of editing to do and formatting to reconfigure, so please be patient. You can check out some of the changes though, if you like.

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