Daugherty Cousin Found!

So exciting! I have just been found by a Dougherty/Daugherty cousin from the town where my grandfather was born. I’ve spent some time updating this page today.

UPDATED: 2 February 2014

NOTA BENE! (Note Well!) All of the information on this page is still currently being sourced and documented. It comes from my private research. It is a work in progress. I strive for accuracy but my time is limited and it may be some time before I can document every fact. Please use at your own risk. 🙂

This is the ancestry of my Great-Grandmother, Cora Alice DAUGHERTY, beginning with her immigrant ancestor, Michael DOUGHERTY, born IRELAND, 1714:

(Cora Alice DAUGHERTY, is Aidan, Lillian and Callen’s 3rd great-grandmother and Michael is their 8th great-grandfather from IRELAND!)

Pedigree for Cora Alice Daugherty
Pedigree for Cora Alice Daugherty

First Generation in America

1. Michael DOUGHERTY, was born in Lifford, Inishowen, Donegal, IRELAND in 1714.

Second Generation

2. John DOUGHERTY, (Michael 1), born in 1743 in Virginia and died in Indiana in 1828. He married Isabella Anna PATTON.

Children of John DOUGHERTY and Isabella Anna PATTON:

i.   Michael DOUGHERTY, born in Augusta County, Virginia in 1769
ii.  George D. DOUGHERTY, born in 1773 in Kentucky
iii. Naomi DOUGHERTY, born in 1774 in Virginia
iv. William DOUGHERTY, born in 1775, married Elizabeth “Betsey” TANNER
v. Sarah DOUGHERTY, born 1776
vi. Henry DOUGHERTY, born 1784
vii. John DOUGHERTY, born 1788
viii. Robert S. DOUGHERTY, born

Third Generation

3. William DOUGHERTY, (John 2, Michael 1), was born 19 Oct 1775 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth “Betsey” TANNER on 6 May 1802 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He died 22 Nov 1852 in Stockton, Greene County, Indiana while living in the household of his son John.

Children of William DOUGHERTY and Betsey TANNER:

i.  John DOUGHERTY, born about 1804 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, died 26 Jan             1856 in Stockton, Greene County, Indiana.
ii. Isabella Anna DOUGHERTY, born 27 Mar 1806 in Tuscarawas, Ohio and died 10 Sep           1872 in Greene County, Indiana; married Andrew CAMPBELL

Fourth Generation

4. John DOUGHERTY, (William 3, John 2, Michael 1) born about 1804 in Jefferson County, Kentucky; died 26 Jan 1856 in Stockton, Greene County, Indiana. He married Luvina DOUGHERTY 15 Aug 1837 in Orange County, Indiana.

Children of John DOUGHERTY and Luvina DOUGHERTY:

i.   Laura Ann DOUGHERTY, born 9 Apr 1836 (before Luvina and John’s marriage date,          could she be from a previous marriage?) in Indiana. Died 10 Nov 1851 in Greene                    County, Indiana at age 15, no offspring.
ii.  William H. DOUGHERTY, born before 1 Jul 1837 in Indiana.
iii. Lucien H. DOUGHERTY, born Sep 1841 in Indiana; died after 11 Jul 1860.
iv. James DOUGHERTY, born 29 Jul 1843 in Indiana; died after 29 Jul 1870 (US Census)
v.  Cynthia Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, born in 1844 before 11 Jul in Indiana; she married a          Mr. PRICE.
vi. Sarah T. DOUGHERTY, born before 11 Jul 1846 in Greene County, Indiana.
vii. Edmund B. DOUGHERTY, born before 11 Jul 1848 in Greene County, Indiana.
viii. Mary F. DOUGHERTY, was born before 11 Jul 1850
ix. John William DOUGHERTY, was born before 11 Jul 1852 in Greene County, Indiana;          died 6 May 1879
x. Robert DOUGHERTY, was born before 29 Jul 1854 in Stockton, Greene, Indiana.
xi. Joseph S. DOUGHERTY, born 15 Oct 1856 in Stockton, Greene County, Indiana;            married Amma/Anna Falina DOWDEN; died 13 May 1920 in Marlow, Stephens            County, Oklahoma.

Fifth Generation

5. Joseph S. DAUGHERTY, (John 4, William 3, John 2, Michael 1), born 15 Oct 1856 in Stockton, Greene County, Indiana; he married Amma/Anna Falina DOWDEN; died 13 May 1920 in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Children of Joseph S. DAUGHERTY and Amma Falina DOWDEN:

i.   Claud Daugherty, born 14 Apr 1880 in Indiana.
ii.  Mary Frances Daugherty, born Jun 1881 in Indiana.
iii. Cora Alice DAUGHERTY, born 23 Oct 1883, Cedar Gap, Wright County, Missouri.
iv. Walter Clay Daugherty, born 11 Jan 1885 in Missouri.
v.  Gracie Daugherty, born Jul 1887 in Missouri.
vi. John William Daugherty, born 7 Nov 1891 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.
vii. Ellie Daugherty, born Dec 1893 in Missouri.
viii. Bula Daugherty, born Jul 1896 in Missouri.
ix. James Osker Daugherty, “Jimmie” born 27 Feb 1899 in Cherokee Nation, Indian                  Territory, Oklahoma.

Sixth Generation

6. Cora Alice DAUGHERTY,  (Joseph 5, John 4, William 3, John 2, Michael 1), was born on 23 Oct 1883 in Cedar Gap, Wright County, Missouri. She married Luster Maynard ROORK on 5 Mar 1905 in Wagoner, Indian Territory, USA. Cora and Luster had SEVEN children together, four sons and three daughters.

Children of Cora Alice DAUGHERTY and Luster Maynard ROORK:

i.  Edcar Roork, born 1906 in Wagoner, Indian Territory; he died at birth.
ii. Amy Melvina Roork, 2 Jan 1909 in Frederick, Tillman County, Oklahoma.
iii. Claud Franklin ROORK, born 15 May 1911 in Grandfield, Tillman, Oklahoma.
iv. Harold Maynard Roork, born 22 Dec 1913 in Grandfield, Tillman, OK.
v. Mary Pauline Roork, born 18 Oct 1916 in Frederick, Tillman, OK.
vi. Bonnie Sue Roork, born 9 Apr 1919 in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.
vii. William Clay Roork “Bill,” born 14 Apr 1924 in Marlow, Stephens County, OK.

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