My Pentagon and Manhattan Project Cousin Connection

Pepper/Hamilton Line:

You never know what discoveries you’ll make when sleuthing through your family tree. I just, right now, discovered that I am the 6th cousin 3 times removed of Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves.

Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves, Jr. (17 August 1896 – 13 July 1970) was a United States Army Corps of Engineers officer who oversaw the construction of the Pentagon and directed the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb during World War II.

Leslie Groves.jpg

Lieut. Gen. Leslie R. Groves is the descendant of our mutual ancestor Nicholas La Grove born in France about 1650 and arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in about 1668. He was apparently a French Huguenot.

Nicholas La Grove/Groves/Grove married Hannah SALLOWS, they had Hannah GROVE and she married Robert MOULTON, Jr. of Salem Village and they had Mary “Molly” MOULTON and she married Anthony NEEDHAM and they had Jasper NEEDHAM, and he married Deborah FULLER and they had Naomi NEEDHAM, and she married James STRICKLAND and they had John STRICKLAND, and he married Betsey BROOKS and they had Janette STRICKLAND, and she married John Prouty PEPPER (HAMILTON DNA), and there you go peeps!

Who knew???

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