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I have been spending some time today going through my BISHOP page. I have made corrections and lots of additions. I have a lot more to add but the page is beginning to get more complete. Please take a look, especially if you are a descendant of William Franklin BISHOP and Hattie May BOYER.

Do remember that this is a public blog but it is also my personal family history and is still a work in progress.

Please enjoy the site but please do not copy large parts of it, for one main reason…not all of the information has been verified, this is a work in progress and it is ultimately for my children and grandchildren and distant relatives, it is not a completely researched genealogy, it is a record of all of the family history I have gathered and stored in my home office, so if something happens to me, my children can at least have this web/blog site as part of their heritage. There is still a lot to be done!

I always believe in giving credit where credit is due and if you do copy parts of this site please do let others know where you got the information.

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust

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  1. Michael L. Carroll says:

    I am the grandson of your aunt Polly Carroll. Just got my dad’s copy of Faye’s book and am having fun learning of our family!

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