Would you take up the problems of life with me?

I just had to share this today in light of how casual wedding vows are taken today. This is from an obituary of Samuel Arthur, who lived from 1826 – 1918.

“There, near Quincy, he met, wooed, won, and married Miss Sarah Hademan, and the two took up the problems of life together.”

They went on to rear FOURTEEN children who were all still living when he passed on in 1918. You can bet they had some “problems” that they had to overcome together!

My husband and I have reared four children together (actually, we are not quite finished yet), and I know I am truly blessed to have had this same kind of marriage where we have taken up the problems of life together.

If your fiance is willing to “take up the problems of life” with you, then maybe you have indeed found truelove.

Read the FULL Obituary here: Samuel Arthur at Find-a-Grave

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