It’s all in a name!

(Hamilton/Pepper and Roork)

I have started a new page today! I am creating two lists. One for my paternal surnames and one for my maternal surnames. This way, anyone can see all of the surnames that I have in my ancestry.

My paternal side (through Wes Pepper) came mainly from England and Scotland to New England before spreading west. They mainly stayed in the northern part of the USA. Many of them were Puritans and Pilgrims. They were patriots in the American Revolution and American Civil War soldiers for the most part for the Union. The most recent immigrants on my dad’s side were in the 18th century (1700’s), so his American ancestry runs deep.

My maternal side (through Evelyn) were from Ireland, England, Germany, etc. and settled early in Virginia and the Southern Colonies. They stayed mainly in the southern states and also fought in the American Revolution and the American Civil War mostly as Confederate soldiers. My mom’s most recent immigrant ancestors were John and Elizabeth (Jarvis) Trant from Devon, England in 1849! It is through Elizabeth (Jarvis) Trant that I get my Mitochondrial DNA!

Check-out the list and let me know if we share any ancestry!

P.S. I am still adding to the list, so be sure and check back again in a week or so.

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