Get a Free Digital Copy of a Moulder Genealogy


Fredric Z. Saunders, of the Mohler-Moler-Moulder DNA Project shared a link (on Facebook) to a FREE digital copy of a handwritten genealogy by George Chester Moulder. It appears to me to be a true labor-of-love. I can just imagine the hours he put into this work. Unfortunately, it does contain errors. George C. Moulder died in 1938 and his research was limited to what was available to him at the time. Fredric addresses some of the errors on the DNA study page. Enjoy the handwritten copy but use the newer research and results from the DNA as fact.

From The Family History Library Catalog:

Moulder’s record of the Moulder family of America : listing three thousand descendants and inlaws of the Moulder family, covering a period of the last two hundred years, and representing ten years work on the part of the author. Written and published by George Chester Moulder (1879-1938).”

Fredric Z. Saunders addresses what the DNA studies have shown on his website. The DNA studies are helping to prove or disprove the family connections. Also, check out the Moler DNA Project for more information.


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