Our Moulder/Mohlar/Mohler/Molar Family was Swiss-German

Updated/Edited: 31 Mar 2015

The Internet is an amazing place to do research these days!

I was revisiting my Great-Great Grandmother Amanda Melvina Moulder’s ancestry this morning and found some sites that have connected me to distant cousins and loads of information as well as old photos!

Amanda Melvina Moulder

Amanda Melvina Moulder

Samuel Thomas and Amanda (Moulder) Roork and five of their children.

Samuel Thomas and Amanda (Moulder) Roork and five of their children.

It turns out that there is a Moler Surname DNA Project which has identified through the yDNA (males only) that different lines in the USA do indeed relate to each other and this research has helped to push back our origins to Germany and back even further to Switzerland. This is my only second immigrant ancestor, (that I am aware of), that hails from Swiss roots.

Our earliest known ancestor is Matthiss Mohler, baptized 1647 in Diegten, Basseland, Switzerland. He moved to Hassloch, Germany and died there in 1712. His grandson, John Moler (MOULDER) died in Tennessee.

There is also Mohler, Moler, Moulder DNA Facebook page for the group where some really wonderful photos and videos have been uploaded.


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