The Abolitionists

I just finished watching the first episode of The Abolitionists on PBS. It was really interesting, and I learned quite a bit about the earliest movers and shakers in the effort to abolish slavery starting in 1820’s New England.

I am particularly interested in learning what I can, because my Great-Great Grandfather John Prouty Pepper was a participant as a young adult, beginning in Massachusetts and then moving to Kansas in 1855 as part of the New England Emigrant Aid Society.

He traveled with a small group of family members including his Uncle Stephen P. Pepper, from Brimfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, to Hampden Township in Neosho Valley, Kansas, as part of the Hampden Colony from the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society.

The Hampden Colony left Massachusetts on 7 March 1855 and traveled by train, boat, and wagon arriving to Hampden Township on 26 April 1855. On the 9th of October John is on a pole list to vote on the 14th of October. January 15, 1856 is the last record of him still being in Neosho Valley.  He stayed there long enough to cast his vote and help with the initial settlment and then returned to Massachusetts. His Uncle Stephen P. Pepper remained in Kansas.

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