Tanner’s Station and Indian Captive

Tanner’s Station was established in 1789, by my 5th Great-Grandfather, Reverend John TANNER and John Taylor. It is located in Petersburg, Kentucky and below is a quote of the information found at Kentucky’s Historical Markers:


Location: Petersburg, Elem. Schoolyard, KY 20

First settlement in Boone County. The Rev. John Tanner built blockhouse, and town began on 2,000 acres he and John Taylor owned. Shawnees captured Tanner’s 9-year-old son here, held him until grown. An ardent Baptist, Tanner preached in Carolinas, Virginia; came to Kentucky in 1781; moved to Missouri, 1798; died there, 1812, age about 80. Town was named Petersburg, 1818.”

Elizabeth “Betsey” TANNER, my 4th great-grandmother was the daughter of Reverend John TANNER, it was her elder brother John TANNER that was captured by the Shawnees and lived with them for many years. His account is recorded and is considered to be one of the best records of such an experience.

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7 Responses to Tanner’s Station and Indian Captive

  1. William E. Jenkins says:

    Rev. John Tanner Is my ancestor also.My grandmother was Lucinda Tanner.I’m intrigued by the history of this family.

  2. Link Martin says:

    Hi, Rev. John Tanner is most likley my 4th great uncle. His brother William Tanner is my direct ancestor. I am having diffculty verifing their parents. Any suggestions?

  3. I don’t know. I have not researched that particular line.

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