My Grandparents’ Ancestral Surnames…

In the menu bar across the top of my blog you will find the genealogy of each my four main immigrant ancestors starting with the first in America down to my grandparents. In alphabetical order they are:

BISHOP – my English immigrant ancestor, JOSHUA BISHOP came from Norfolk, England, about 1665.

HAMILTON/PEPPER – my Scottish immigrant ancestor, JOHN HAMILTON exiled from Scotland in early 1651.

ROORK – my Irish immigrant ancestor THOMAS ROORK sent by the Methodists from Limerick, Ireland in about 1760?

SALMON/SAMMON – my earliest known ancestor JAMES SALMON was born in the New World, probably Virginia and maybe Isle of Wight County in 1675, I have yet to confirm his parentage.

From the earliest immigrant ancestor, you’ll be able to follow each generation down through our American ancestral history.

Stay Tuned!

Teresa 🙂

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  1. dani says:

    Hey I’m a salmon from texas…

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